Sunday, December 13, 2009

Egg Rolls

Growing up in rural New Brunswick in the 60s before the advent of the fast food chains, we frequented independant Take-outs. Most of these offered Chan egg rolls on their menu. I still miss these crispy treats with the flattened ends that made great handles to pick em up and and a greasy crunchy end to your meal.
Good egg rolls are difficult to find, even the Moon Palace on King Square is long since gone.
So I make my own

16 oz pkg egg roll wrappers
1 beaten egg
cold water

1 lb pork ground
1/2 med cabbage shredded about 3 cups
6 mushrooms chopped
6 green onions chopped
8 oz bamboo shoots chopped

2 tbls soya sauce
2 tsp five spice powder (in Oriental section of grocery store)
1 tsp sugar
salt pepper to taste

Because I have already pulled the food processer out to chop the vegetables, I chop boneless pork chops with fat removed yo fine texture

Stir fry pork in Wok with some veg oil. about 1 tble. Remove pork to large bowl
Combine Soy, spices and corn starch mix well set aside
Stir fry all vegetables in another tablespoon oil 1 minute
Add soy mixture
Stir fry one more minute. Add to pork and stir

Seperate wrappers brush with beaten egg. Place 1/4 cup mixture on each wrapper. Fold bottom corner over middle. Roll in two sides and rols to complete wrapper. Press edges tightly with moistened finger to seal product

heat 2 inch veg oil in wok to 360 dgrees
Fry 3-4 at a time turning when golden, approx 5 mins total frying time

Place wire rack on cookie sheet so egg rolls can drain while you fry next batch
Serve now with plum sauce or hot mustard sauce
or place wax paper on cookie sheet, space eggrolls evenly, place in freezer until frozen. Place egg rolls in plastic bags.
Place frozen egg rolls in 375 oven 20 minutes to reheat

Makes 16. Today I decided to cut each wrapper into four to make bite size egg rolls. It was a long tedious chore, wrapping all 60, that I will not repeat soon

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